Aluminum Custom guitars. Beyond Art, Instrument.

Welcome to the shop.

100% hand-made. We make everything from scratch. For you. Takes time: 20 weeks minimum for an order, and more, given complexity of your desires. Aluminum demands ultra high-precision welding, all guitar pieces have to be perfectly flush, and nothing is pre-made. True old-fashioned custom.  

Aluminum creations

custom aluminum guitar welding


1mm precision welding. Everything is hand-made. 150-250 hours are dedicated to each custom order.

Custom aluminum knob made for one of our guitar order.


All components are selected prior to the build, down to the pots.

Aluminum guitars might prefer anodized chemical treatment over paint, giving it a unique custom look. 

You dream it, we build it.

Aluminum body ready for precision welding. Custom guitar shape.


Apart from Tele, our pickups are enclosed in a Faraday cage to insure no EMF interference and the quietest noise to signal ratio. Your amp will love these custom aluminum guitars. Unparalleled tone.

finished aluminum custom electric guitars

Beyond luxury. A working professional's tool.

Every order is made to last. Pass it down your lineage, share and transmit your story. your instrument.

Who are we?

Bertrand Dufour, Artisan.

Custom Aluminum guitar necks...still made of wood :) Marries the metal perfectly.

The madman behind each work of Art. Grew up in machine shops, studied fine cabinetry, and launched Meloduende Guitars to be one of the finest Aluminum custom craftsman... 

Olivier Zahm, USA Rep

Custom aluminum tele inspired model. Meet the "Colonel".

He ordered this Aluminum guitar from Bertrand, as an homage to his father's French Resistance past the Col. Jacques Zahm. The Colonel custom was born, carrying hidden details within the artwork. Olivier resides in Phoenix, AZ. First a customer, now a part of the team.