So I paid and ordered for a guitar, now what?

You'll be kept apprised of progress, as we email you pictures of your guitar throughout its build stages. All instruments are rigorously tested before they ship out.  

How long for my instrument to arrive?

We know it can take some time, a few months or more can be frustrating. Everything takes time to be done right, we don't rush it to not let the materials suffer. Once a delay has been established, we have a great record keeping the expectations given on track. If you bought an in-stock instrument, it'll ship out ASAP. 

What if I change my mind, what is the refund policy?

For best or for worst, there is quite a cost to build these instrument, both in labor and parts: 

A) if you change your mind within 48h of order, full reimbursement. 

B) after that, and before we start, we keep 15%. You are breaking a contract.

C) Once we notify you we start on your custom, payments are kept. Our schedules and material orders are based on the mutual promise made at purchase, disrupting it hurts our business, and the other customers. 

Why is that policy set-up that way?

Once we start using materials, it's only to be used for that very model, which might not be for everyone. We're a small shop, and every order counts, made from scratch, for you... We don't build a bunch to let them sit in stores. Changing one's heart after we start the process can ruin our business. You may keep a credit with us, however, for another build, if the process hasn't gone too far along the line. We are not a mass producing factory, we're human, talk to us.

What if there's something wrong with my order?

Please reach out via our contact form, let us know in detail what the issue is, what caused it, when it happened, etc etc. We'll reply ASAP. We take pride in our craft, and you matter to us. We will cover manufacturing flaws and repairs if our company is at fault, within reason.  We do take accountability seriously. 

I've read online bad things about Aluminum

Aluminum is a fantastic material, if you know what you're doing. We see a lot of metal solid bodies, which isn't how we build our models. Our customs aren't cold to the touch, and don't sound 'metallic'. Much like acoustic guitars, we design custom bracing and welding techniques to optimize the materials' characteristics and resonances. Some of the competition's guitars look great , but don't play like ours. Our goal goes beyond aesthetics.

F.A.Q. (continued)

RE: customs and shipping related taxes, are they included in the price?

We cherish our international audience. When we mention free shipping, depending on our specials, we do just that: shipping. Each country has its own rules regarding tax and custom fees, thank you for handling these appropriately. 

Something horrible happened, can you fix my guitar, pleeeease?

We'd love to get that instrument back up and running. First we'd need to assess the damage via pics and discussion. Then the next step would be for the instrument to be shipped to our shop. As usual, reach out first!

Why is it cheaper to purchase an order all at once?


The first installment covers our build cost, without a guarantee that the rest will come through.
Multiple payments are a convenience we offer our clientele, withstanding a risk taken on our end. Thank you for understanding.

Left-Handed! Help.

Of course! Reach out to us ASAP so we can make sure your custom guitar will be perfect for your left-handed needs.

My question isn't covered here.

That's great! Reach out below, if your question is of general pertinence, we'll update our FAQ. We appreciate you helping us better our company's standards.

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